Law Enforcement
at Every Level

NoteShark is revolutionizing the way local law enforcement organizations scan, track and manage currency. In turn, the data that is collected provides national law enforcement officials with unprecedented insight into the financial activities surrounding money used in undercover transactions.

NoteShark Clients - Police officer with special badge
Noteshark Clients Law Enforcment
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Local Law Enforcement

By tracking the currency, departments can glean hard information for policing and investigation priorities, with less time in the office and more time on patrol. Real time currency tracking makes it possible to adjust deployments accordingly and to remove much of the guesswork.

Officers Can:

  • Identify increases in narcotics and cash seizures across geographic boundaries

  • Identify the kinds of seizures and arrests to better predict a rise in narcotics trafficking and violent crime

  • Adjust deployments based on needs

  • Identify increases or decreases in activity involving particular jurisdictions

  • Conduct interviews or arrests armed with the vastly increased knowledge of what they are entering into

  • Massively save time, save money, reduce waste, reduce risk

Federal Law
Enforcement Agencies

In addition to the time-saving and efficiency benefits NoteShark provides, federal authorities are able to have deeper insight, on demand, across a multitude of regions, states and interstate activities. NoteShark is built on a true multi-tenant cloud architecture and the industry-leading AWS Cloud, enabling agencies to rapidly deploy while meeting compliance requirements.

Agents can:

  • Leverage FBI CJIS Capable data storage and sharing

  • Derive actionable insight from massive, up-to-the-minute data

  • Identify patterns of action across multiple states and jurisdictions

  • Gain real-time information via match alerts and push notifications

  • Leverage multi-directional information Syncing to pull all related investigative events and histories to the front of currency seizures

  • Benefit from multi-level alerts aggregate pertinent investigative agencies and personnel for immediate contextual awareness of a seizure or investigative interview

NoteShark Clients Federal Law Enforcement with man on laptop with NoteShark platform dashboard on screen

Who Uses NoteShark
and How


Individualized Workstation Setup

Prominent Alerts for New Information

Bi-Directional Syncing for Historical Data

Real-Time Reporting

Automatic and Manual Status-Setting Ability

Override Ability for Unit Recommendations

Field Users

Seamless Report Generation

Prominent “Match” Alerts for New Information

Bi-Directional Syncing for Historical Data

Real-Time Event Chat

System Administrators

Standalone System requires no larger system integration

Desktop, Laptop, and Tablet Optimized

Web-Based and Installed Application Solutions

Seamless Data Exchange for External Databases

Full Event Log

IP Address Whitelisting/Blacklisting