Currency Tracking for
the 21st Century

NoteShark offers numerous benefits to law enforcement and public safety agencies. Organizations that implement NoteShark discover an immediate improvement in cost savings through reduced labor, immediate increase in asset forfeitures due to enhanced tracking, and an overall improvement in information sharing across departments and other agencies. Equip your department with NoteShark, and discover how our system is reinventing currency tracking and management.

Key benefits include:

NoteShark Benefits Streamlined Data Input featuring scan of one hundred dollar bill

Streamlined Data Input

NoteShark is optimized to quickly and accurately image currency by rapidly capturing serial numbers and bill images with the push of a button. These artifacts are automatically uploaded to NoteShark’s secure cloud database for automated comparison and matching against tracked bills previously uploaded by participating agencies.

Investigative Alerts

When the system detects a match in recovered currency, the NoteShark System sends immediate “match alerts” via SMS and email to all relevant and associated parties. Investigative agents and intelligence analysts can put that data to work on the spot. This makes enables faster reaction time, and better collaboration.

NoteShark Benefits Instantaneous Investigate Alerts Image
NoteShark Use Cases Currency Tracking featuring image of drug exchange

Information At
Your Fingertips

Your department’s newfound ability to search and access currency data quickly and easily via the cloud enables your team to be more effective at keeping crime off of the streets. This rapidly searchable and easily quantifiable data, empowers departments to make informed decisions and effectively allocate resources.

Improve Collaboration

NoteShark features comprehensive user profiles which allow both users and supervisors to drill into detailed report history, update one another on status, and gain transparency into real-time data. This enables greater situational awareness and cross-functional collaboration. Users can even create Saved Match Alerts to recall frequently matching agencies for future proactive asset personnel allocation.

NoteShark Benefits Users Dashboard

Eliminate Information Silos

Many agencies currently struggle to track currency data within their individual departments using multiple systems, paper file folders and handwritten logs. Often, there is no single solution to enable tracking and comparison of currency across and among agencies and systems. NoteShark delivers all of this in a single, easy-to-use system.

  • The NoteShark System is web based, accessible via rugged laptop and/or smartphone

  • Single-Application Workflows eliminates constant window switching

  • Configurable and individualized ORIs insure investigative integrity

NoteShark Benefits Eliminate Information Silos
NoteShark Benefits Allocate Resources More Effectively with cop arresting criminal

Allocate Resources
More Effectively

By tracking the currency, departments can glean hard information for policing and investigation priorities, spending less time at the copy machine and more time on the street. Real time currency tracking makes it possible to adjust deployments accordingly and to remove much of the guesswork.

Data Analytics & Intelligence

Law enforcement agencies can leverage NoteShark Analytics to match the location where cash was seized with the location from which the case originated. Departments can now track in real time where drugs are coming from. This critical information enables more effective predictive policing. It answers questions that once remained unsolved.

Security & Stability
in the Cloud

We designed NoteShark to meet the needs of the modern, connected police force. Thanks to significant innovation from our partners SAP, and NS2 Labs, NoteShark is the first currency tracking system to offer an integrated software platform built on true multi-tenant cloud architecture and the industry-leading AWS Cloud. NoteShark offers:

  • FBI CJIS compliant data storage and sharing

  • Regular software upgrades with zero downtime

  • Predictable, annual subscription pricing

  • Rapid, scalable implementation for multi-jurisdictional and international use

  • Investigation continuity

  • Inherent data redundancy

  • Investigation evidence integrity

NoteShark Benefits Security and Stability in the Cloud
Discover the Difference for Your Agency

Contact the NoteShark team to view a demo of our platform. We’ll show you the ins and outs of the technology in a real world setting so you can experience the benefits for yourself. Crime doesn’t wait. The time to act is now.