Advanced Analytics
Deliver Actionable Insight

Bringing down one offender is a win, but tracking the web of conspiracy to shut down a network of criminal activity is a game-changer. With NoteShark Analytics, you’ll be able to look deeper, identify patterns and build stronger cases to keep the public safe.

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About NoteShark Analytics

Law enforcement organizations always seek to be proactive rather than reactive. It is always better to prevent crime before it happens than to deal with the aftermath. With NoteShark Analytics, you’re able to follow the money, to visualize, document and understand the connections between each and every bill tracked in undercover transactions.


Drug Interdiction

By matching up the location where the cash was seized with the location from which the case originated, departments can now track in real time where drugs are coming from. This critical information yields answers to important predictive policing questions to better predict a rise in narcotics trafficking and violent crime. Questions such as:

What kinds of seizures and arrests are being seen?

Does the origin of the vehicle match the origin of the money?

Are there any increases or decreases in activity involving particular jurisdictions?

With NoteShark Analytics, you can answer these questions with certainty.

Good data is the critical first step to gaining value from analytics. Discover how the NoteShark tracking system is enabling law enforcement agencies around the nation to gather deeper data.

Put Your Data to Work

NoteShark leverages the data your agency already collects to keep users safer and better informed. There’s no reason for users to blindly enter dangerous situations or investigative interviews when critical information about a person or currency seizure can be at their disposal. NoteShark Analytics gives you the advantage.

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