Follow the Money,
Solve the Crime.

NoteShark is a stand-alone, secure, cloud-based enterprise solution revolutionizing the logging, tracking, and recovery of currency used by government agencies and public safety organizations.

NoteShark Currency Tracking Solution Rolls of Money
NoteShark Currency Tracking Solution Rolls of Money

Identify, Predict and Disrupt Criminal and Fraudulent Activities

By digitally tracking and recording the movement of currency across networks, jurisdictions and borders, participating agencies are now able to recognize meaningful patterns of behavior, to see the relationship between seemingly unconnected data points, and to generate answers to questions never before asked.

NoteShark Changes The Paradigm


Utilizing the latest in data optimization technologies, NoteShark rapidly scans, extracts, and catalogues individual bill artifacts and serial numbers in our secure cloud database. Every time currency is added, NoteShark automatically compares these new bill artifacts and serial numbers with those in our entire currency library. When there is a “match”- when currency located at Point B is positively identified as the same currency that originated from Point A- all relevant parties are instantaneously notified via SMS and email, alerting them to this newly discovered- and previously unknown- connection.

It’s simple. It’s secure. It’s accurate. It’s efficient. It’s instantaneous. It’s the future of currency tracking.

Seamlessly Combine Data Analysis, Data Visualization and Data Sharing

Powered by SAP, developed by NS2 Labs and engineered by TMA Mission, our intuitive currency tracking software brings cloud-first technology and data-driven insights to bear on one of the most challenging data problems facing the intelligence, homeland security, public safety and financial regulatory communities: harvesting the intelligence that only comes from understanding how currency moves across networks, jurisdictions and borders.


The NoteShark software suite uses mathematics, statistics, and predictive modeling techniques to find meaningful patterns in the movement of currency.


The NoteShark database offers organizations detailed insight into currency tracking data, with customizable access levels to address users’ specific needs.


Quickly collate, analyze and visualize data from disparate sources while reducing the time required to discover key information in complex data.

NoteShark Analytics Graphic of data

Data Analytics

The true power of Noteshark is the depth and immediacy of our data analytics. As currency is continually added to the database, the web of connectivity expands exponentially. This allows for an unprecedented ability to follow the trail of criminal and fraudulent activity, to create stronger cases, and to pursue higher value targets. Noteshark data is changing the game. Learn more about Analytics. 

Who Uses Noteshark

Local Law Enforcement

Save time, increase arrests, and optimize resource allocation. With NoteShark, detectives are on the street and in the community- not in the copy room.

NoteShark Solutions Local Law Enforcement

Federal Agencies

Transform your investigations with an unprecedented level of insight into the flow of money across criminal networks, jurisdictions and borders.

NoteShark-FBI agent at computer using NoteShark Solution

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