Follow the Money,
Solve the Crime.

NoteShark is an automated, secure, cloud-based solution that optimizes the logging, tracking and recovery of currency used by government agencies and public safety organizations.

NoteShark Currency Tracking Solution Rolls of Money
NoteShark Currency Tracking Solution Rolls of Money

Abandon Manual Processes,
and Put the Data to Work

For many organizations, tracking currency means tediously photocopying bills by hand and manually matching the paper copies against recovered currency. To date, there has been no digital system to scan and track currency – or analyze the web of transactions the flow of money creates. The old way is laborious. It’s time-consuming. It’s error-prone. It’s the way of the past.

NoteShark Changes the Paradigm


Using NoteShark you can rapidly extract serial numbers and capture bill images – all with the push of a button. Bill artifacts are automatically uploaded to NoteShark’s secure database for automated comparison against prior tracked bills in all participating agencies. The system sends immediate “match” alerts via SMS and email to all relevant parties. It’s simple. It’s secure. It’s accurate. It’s the future of currency tracking.

The Noteshark

The NoteShark solution is a web-based software platform with an integrated records database. Together, these tools provide a simple, secure and efficient way to track currency.


The NoteShark software suite allows automated comparison against tracked bills, and sends match notifications via SMS and email.


The NoteShark database offers organizations detailed insight into currency tracking data, with multiple access levels.


The NoteShark scanner allows you to rapidly scan and document bill info. Plus, it’s portable for on-site evidence gathering.

NoteShark Analytics Graphic of data

Data Analytics

The true power of Noteshark is the depth and immediacy of our data analytics. As local law enforcement organizations around the nation contribute to the database of tracked currency, the web of connectivity grows in turn. Officials now have unprecedented access to follow the trail of criminal activity, create stronger cases and pursue higher value suspects. Noteshark data is changing the game. Learn more about Analytics. 

Who Uses Noteshark

Local Law Enforcement

Save time, eliminate manual process and spend valuable funds on putting detectives on the street instead of in the copy room.

NoteShark Solutions Local Law Enforcement

Federal Agencies

Transform your investigations with an unprecedented level of insight into the flow of money across criminal networks.

NoteShark-FBI agent at computer using NoteShark Solution